Platon and Putin

I’ve got so many favourite photographers but one of the guys that is up at the top of my list is UK photographer Platon (pronounced “plah-TOHN”). He’s the guy that did that controversial shot of Bill Clinton. This guy is an incredible portrait photographer, but I guess you have to be pretty good to only have one name!! It’s the way he interacts with his subjects and brings out their personalities that really interests me and it really comes across in his images.

Check out his 10 minute video interview about his shoot with Vladimir Putin for Time Magazine’s Man of the Year cover. Platon is such a good storyteller and this story is extremely engaging. To see the interview choose 2008 on the World Press Photo interview page and click on the Putin thumbnail.

And, if you’re a photographer (or just interested) his site has a few “interviews” which give a little more insight into how he works with his subjects as well as his incredibly simple (but expensive) lighting setup.

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy.

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carlos amoedo - excellent interviews.

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